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Go Jagun!

by donny on May.25, 2012, under Straight from Heart

In All the History in this world, from the time the civilization has started, its always the Truth which won over the Lie, but the truth was made to burn first..a lot..to an extent where the truth will burn the lie and glow like a light..like a SUN…Go Jagun..We are with you in this fight :)

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by Raja on May.11, 2012, under Contact

Please watch the Sakshi Video:

All, The very essence of YSRism, the very essence of YSRCP, the very essence of democratic values, the very essence of Constitutional protection of an individual, the very essence of freedom of press are in danger with CBI seizing the bank accounts of Sakshi. The CBI, at the behest of Sonia Gandhi would not even let us present our arguments before they did their heinous act. The holy theme of “Innocent until proved guilty” seems to be thrown out of Congress HC’s window. We must raise our voice in protest of these unconstitutional usurping of democratic rights of YS Jaganmohan Reddy and freedom of press of Sakshi. We have people behind us and it will be proved with massive victories in upcoming bi-elections, but we must make use of our geographical and the USA the most powerful country that we are in to raise the public conscience on the great injustice done to YS Jagan.

Lets all rise to the occasion and protect our YSRCP, our YS Jaganmohan Reddy, and our freedom of press. Please forward this email to all your friends.

I prepared an email sample for you all to send to important people in India to protest, but please modify according to your level of passion (I suggest you to do it, so they would understand that it is from different people).

We condemn CBI freezing of bank accounts of Sakshi media group without following proper procedures. No notice was given and any explanations were sought. As it severely harms freedom of expression, we humbly call for your immediate intervention for lifting up the freeze.

Save Sakshi, Save Media, Save Democracy

The emails can be sent to:
supremecourt@nic.in, dcbi@cbi.gov.in, presidentofindia@rb.nic.in, pcibpp@gmail.com, pcimeetings@gmail.com, pcibppcomplaint@gmail.com, pcibpplevy@gmail.com, pcibpplib@gmail.com, pcibppeditorial@gmail.com, pcibppaccount@gmail.com, pcibpphindi@gmail.com, pcibppadmin@gmail.com, pcibppds@gmail.com, bachi.karkaria@timesgroup.com, sanjoy.narayan@hindustantimes.com, letters@thehindu.co.in, editor@deccanmail.com

Your feedback – Fill in the info properly:
http://helpline.rb.nic.in/, http://pmindia.nic.in/feedback.php, http://www.aicc.org.in/new/feedback.php, http://www.kuldipnayar.com/contact.htm, http://twitter.com/#!/swamy39

Procedure to file complaint:


YSR Followers

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We need a fox to see the snares and a lion to scare the wolves

by Raja on May.05, 2012, under Contact

Some people occasionally suggest that Jagan should be chief minister. I recoil from the prospect of former chief ministers late YSR,NTR and Rosaih, Chandra Babu for feigning patience with uneducated people, cabinet colleagues, sluggish govt. bureaucrats and party workers, giving bland answers to unwelcome or stupid questions, or listening to the repetitive chores of party loyalists. Being a natural mediator; a Leader sharpen issues rather than elide them. Some leaders find difficult to deliver inspirational messages, especially when someone have nothing particular to say such as Chandra Babu or Rosayya .On contrary we can conclude ,Jagan morphed his speeches with more appeal to mass public with in short period of time, based on speeches of Jagan from 2yrs back to now.

In politics, as in other professions, the people best at it have learned the trade. The fall of Chiranjeevi, the matinee idol of Andhra box office , was as predictable as his rise was expected because of missing political strategy and basics of politics. Chandra Babu’s achievements are remarkable in the lime light of media polarization but as premier for pro poor such as YSR or NTR , Chandra Bob is just nothing , even by the modest standards of welfare scheme driven politics.
The skills of the welfare pro chief minister are different from – and by no means compatible with -the skills of media savvy and proved the same in history in case of NTR and YSR compared with media mint CM Chandra babu. It cuts both ways. Someone who has made a name in movies such as Chiranjeevi is unlikely to have interesting or original views on the transmission mechanism of quantitative easing, or fresh insights into political philosophy. Jagan proved this in kadapa and kovvur elections. If anyone in place of Jagan could have not dared even in dreams kovvur election with less amount of money distribution per vote when opponents are pouring like rain
Effective governance such as YSR regime requires the multiplicity of talents found only in teams. Teams should not be confused with committees – groups like Indian bureaucrats make better decisions when the members are from different backgrounds than when they have a common background.
Not but the least security to Jagan is very very important .Opponents used all political strategies against Jagan and he used the same arsenal as sympathetic benefit and pro for YSR congress.YSR is not cared much about security and KVP failed to do job to identify the opponent views. So Jagan be watchful and careful sometimes it is so scary to see you around crowd. Jagan is not only the iconic for young andhrite wishes but also the pride of Andhra at the Delhi door step politics

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